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It is the fastest growing messaging and advertisement opportunity

Poya Computers provides complete bundled solutions that make deployment easy with systems that range from small locally hosted displays to multiples site networks.

Digital Signage Application

  • Digital Menu boards
  • Large window displays
  • Large indoor signs
  • Small product focused displays
  • Interactive dwell drivers
  • POPA (Point of Purchase Advertisement)
  • Work place or call center data casting
  • Interactive kiosk
  • Advertisement (mobile)
  • Enhanced television
  • Emergency Notification

Digital Signage - ROI

  • Digital Signs have superior ROI VS tradition signs:
    • Real-estate ( Display several message in the area)
    • Time (Display several ads in short time)
  • Target relevant information dynamically
  • 30% retention of moving objects
  • Bait information keeps audience looking/staring (TV)
  • Attract audience
  • Provide commonly asked information making sales interaction more efficient
  • Reduce waste and paper resources

Benefits – Emergency Notification

  • Emergency Notification saves lives:
  • Emergency way-finding
  • Multilingual interface
  • Assists visually and hearing impaired
  • Back-up power maintains operation during electrical failure
  • Can be wired to the fire alarm system
  • Government grants available
  • Insurance benefits

Benefits – Live Data casting

  • Live news and events can be shown
  • Local announcements can published
  • Notification of wait time, equipment failure and resource availability
  • Relevant plant information can be published such as, inventory, call wait times and stock tickers

Benefits – Way Finding

  • Multilingual interface
  • Interactive way finding maps
  • Display common high traffic areas
  • Dynamic notification of detour or out of service
  • Exit

Benefits – Environment Enhancing

  • Increased environment perception
  • Decrease perceived wait time
  • Provide current news information
  • Ergonomic and artist enclosure or mounts
  • Interactive flash graphics
  • Increase brand retention

Revenue generation:

  • Lease advertisement space and time:
    • Flash web graphics
    • Live or stored audio/video broadcasts
    • News articles or feeds
    • Local business promotions
    • Increase awareness of clinic programs and promotions
  • Government grants and insurance benefits

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