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Poya Computers offers enterprise hardware and software solutions for small and medium size business.

Through our extensive industry relationships with well known brand names such as IBM and HP, we setup, configure and install file, virtualization, Mail and Web Servers for your computing environment.

These innovations around industry-standard components , entry-level Tower or Rack and Blade solutions support Microsoft Windows, and Unix operating systems.

The main advantages are:

• Scalable and high performance multi-socket Xeon processor

• Redundant power supply

Remote administration

High memory expansion capacity

Manage and control power usage

Excellent warranty support (within 24 hour window)

Predictive failure tool (within 48 hour window)

Engineered with Maximum cooling technology

Virtualization manager



Poya computers offers high performance customized and well known brand name such as Lenovo, IBM and HP workstations for entry level and higher performance environment such as Science lab, advanced machinery, medical, graphic designers and other engineering means.

The main advantages are:

Single to latest Xeon multi-socket Processor with Intel turbo boost technology

Powerful graphic card

Robust and high Wattage power supply

Engineered with Maximum cooling technology

Low energy consumption

High memory expansion capacity

Built in with Raid 0 and raid 1

Excellent warranty support (within 24 hour window)

These workstation contains more than 50% recycled plastics, including 26% post-consumer content


Data Storage Center

These systems provide an exceptional solution for workgroup storage applications such as E-mail, file, print and   Web servers, as well as collaborative databases and remote boot for diskless servers.

It also provide storage efficiency solutions such as virtualization, automated tiering and thin provisioning.

The main advantages are:

New-generation 6 Gbps SAS back-end and host technology

Improved performance, flexibility, scalability, data security and ultra-low power consumption

Cost-effective complement to meet the storage needs of many applications as well as a component of an overall   low cost configuration  

Storage Manager software is the perfect combination of robustness and ease of use that does not sacrifice control.

With balanced and sustainable performance, storage system is equally adept at delivering throughput to bandwidth-intensive applications and IOPS to transactional applications.

Support a total of twelve 3.5-inch SAS drives or twenty-four 2.5-inch SAS drives

Internet and Network Security

Installing and implementing reputable leading appliances from brand names product provides intrusion detection and prevention products provide comprehensive inline network security from worms, Trojans, Spyware, Keyloggers, and other Malware. By accurately identifying application traffic, the network security solutions ensure continuous availability of business-critical applications.


Fiber optics, Ethernet and wireless provides high speed data transfer over a long distance point to point connection with state of art cable management units for server room to transfer secure data, voice and video applications.

Poya Computers also provides you with the world most versatile multi-functional rack enclosure for server rooms. These enclosures are designed to meet current IT market trends and applications ranging from high density computing and networking to broadcast and audio-video. With a strong focus on cooling, power distribution, cable management and environmental monitoring, the enclosure provides a reliable rack-mounting environment for mission-critical equipment.

Web hosting:

Poya Computers provides robust, reliable and secure web hosting co-located at our facilities or services that includes customized web server designed, installed and pre-configured web and Email servers equipped with secure power and data connectivity to be hosted at your premises.

Poya computers also cooperates with approved team of professional web site developer to commence and maintain on going updates.


Our partnership with the most known brand names in industry for so many years has enabled us to have immediate access to well know manufacturers and developers products that requires special authorization and certificate with special pricing that our customer have been taking advantage for many years. We provide steady supply of peripherals, consumables for any need of any computing environment.



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